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Submitting an Essay

Thank you very much for considering organizing and sharing your ideas! (For more information, consider this post requesting article commitments for 2011)


  • We would like as many authors, topics and styles as possible.
  • The essays all need to be respectful of the Word (the Bible) and Heavenly Doctrines (the theological teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg).
  • The essays all need to be connected to New Church religion somehow, but needn't be doctrinally heavy or full of quotations.
  • We want to avoid getting tied up in specific organizational politics. Your experiences with a specific organization and your evalualuations of its policies and culture are relevant and valuable. However effort must be made to avoid two problems: 1) Excluding readers who do not have experience with that organization. 2) Turning the conversation into a polictical fight rather than helping readers to consider ideas and hear different perspectives. 


  • Your article could be formal and scholarly or informal and personal.
  • Though thick, doctrinal submissions are welcomed, you could also write an essay that is very life or application focused, without many quotations.
  • Your submissions could be anecdotal, argumentative, poetry, reflective, historical, practical or theoretical.
  • Your piece could be lengthy and thick or short and sweet. (We may post longer articles in several parts.)


To submit an essay please email it to or submit with our online contact form. You can put the text directly in the email or in an attachment in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. If you would like certain text to be linked please include information about what you would like linked where. (We may also link your article to further references for the convenience and edification of our readers.)

We have a team of skilled and somewhat nice editors who are happy to make sure your piece is polished and grammatically sound. We are also happy to help give you feedback on voice, tone and topic. Although we require no formal citation format, in order to avoid plagiarism we strongly encourage writers to cite their sources (for more info on proper citation see Please email us with any questions or if you would like to submit an early draft for feedback.

We like to plan ahead and aim to keep a good backup of high quality articles. This means that it may be several months before your piece is published, but not that your piece will never be published. 

We reserve the right not to publish any articles that don't line up with the goals of New Church Perspective described above and on our About page.