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New Church Perspective
is an online magazine with essays and other content published weekly. Our features are from a variety of writers dealing with a variety of topics, all celebrating the understanding and application of New Church ideas. For a list of past features by category or title, visit our archive.

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Another Powerful Phrase

Longing for clarity about some situation in your life? The means might be easier than you've ever let yourself imagine. Here Ronnie shares a simple and direct approach to gaining a clearer perspective when you need one. -Editor

A year or so ago I wrote an article about “the most powerful phrase I know.” I want to share another phrase from the Heavenly Doctrines that I have found to be powerful as well. While the phrase I wrote about in my first article was one in which Divine Power could be called upon to help us, the phrase I want to share with you now is one in which a person can call on spiritual enlightenment whenever it is needed. This phrase can help a person when they desire to know the truth about something or receive guidance from the Lord on some important spiritual decision.

Here it goes:

“Lord come with light.”

Sounds simple right? But it really works!

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If a Tree Falls, Pray. 

When faced with events beyond her control, Jennica evokes prayer. She exchanges panic, protectionism and dread for an open ended conversation with God. That's not a bad trade. - Editor

It is cold—probably the coldest Bryn Athyn winter I can remember. Bryn Athyn winters usually hover around 35-45 degrees in the daytime so that whatever freeze happened overnight is a slushy, muddy mess by mid-morning. If it ever snows in Bryn Athyn we are lucky if it stays cold enough for us to play in it for one day. Once in a while we get a two or three day cold spell where it dips below freezing. This year (2010/11) December hit and we suddenly had below freezing temperatures round the clock with only a few short jumps above the freezing point. If we had a pond it would surely be ready for skating by now.

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Are You Happy?

Ronald explores how to actually be happy. States of desolation may have to come but they still aren't any fun. How can we work towards real happiness? How can we ask the Lord to experience joy along the journey?

Are you happy? I mean actually happy? Many of us are not happy and at times there is no apparent cause. For whatever reason, walking the spiritual path can be difficult and at the end of a day we may find ourselves wondering why we endeavored to walk such a path in the first place. Maybe it’s just a flash of a moment, but many of us in a moment of desperation wonder if satisfaction lies in other places. It happens to even the best of us.

At times we may feel tempted to be bitter or maybe we are bitter. This state can be compared to a barren wasteland where nothing is growing.

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