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New Church Perspective
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Plane Kindness

There are a lot of things, both selfish and unselfish, that go into the decision to be kind to someone. Today Coleman breaks down some of the ways that God nudges us towards being kind to others out of true heavenly love. -Editor.

Since becoming a pastor, I’ve spent a good deal of time in airplanes and airports. You might expect that spending all that time with tired, overcrowded, hurried individuals, I’d have seen a lot of the worst in people. But I’ve found the opposite to be true. Sure, I’ve run into some grumpy folks in my travels; but I’ve also seen travel bring out some of the best in people. On one flight I was on, there was a passenger who didn’t have the right credit card to pay for her meal, and the airline didn’t take cash. Seeing her trouble, the man next to her (a complete stranger as far as I could tell) handed the flight attendant his credit card instead, and when the woman took out cash to offer the man, he turned it down. Another time, when I was flying with my then-fiancée Anne, we both had middle seats in different parts of the plane; but when the man next to me found out we were engaged and not able to sit together, he gave up his aisle seat for Anne’s middle seat.

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