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The Future Part 3

Todd concludes his look at life prolonging technology and our desire to control the future. He looks at what could happen if we stopped fearing death, and the peace that comes with relying on God. -Editor.

The last couple weeks we've had a look mostly at Raymond Kurzweil's view of the not-too-distant future. The main theme is robots and technology becoming a part of us, and we gain the ability to escape death. Kurzweil's future isn't that far off, about 30 years or so, but what if we take a look farther into the future? Then what can we hope for? Funny you should ask, because a man named Robert Monroe, a fellow who I've referenced before in an NCP article had a out-of-body experience where he was taken into a potential future for the earth, sometime beyond the year 3000.

One of the key elements to this view of the future, which he does describe as a “potential” future, is that there is no longer a fear of death. In fact, instead of people having to remember that there is more to them than their physical bodies, people in the future have to remind themselves that there is more to them than their spiritual or energetic bodies. The changes he sees in this future as a result of this shift are dramatic.

As he flies over various places around the world he notices that balance has returned to the ecosystem. There are no buildings, roads, cars, ships, or planes... not much of anything really. Everything looks pristine. There are beautiful gardens, and while he is told there are homes for the people, where ever these homes are he cannot find them. The people for the most part live outside their physical body. They still have one though. No need for microscopic robots to enhance it either. They've figured out how to project what Monroe calls a “resonant energy balloon” that protects the body from anything: viruses, mosquitoes, bears, you name it. Not to mention we've learned how to consume such a small amount of food that the production of it is also a non-issue. The Earth is absolutely beautiful. He observes that humanity “finally got its act together.” Indeed.

So what kind of magic is this that we stop worrying about death and then all of sudden become a bunch of peace 'n love tree hugging hippies? How does that work? The way he describes the Earth is that in our current time we have a lot of interference in our spiritual atmosphere that prevents God's energy from getting to us. Where does the interference come from? Us, of course. More specifically, it's from people who have passed on from their physical existence, but haven't moved on. They're people who are so focused on their life here, or have such a love of the world that they stay connected with Earth. Because they haven't moved on, they've basically gummed up the system. However, in this potential future these bands of interference no longer exist. Instead they are replaced with a beautiful crystal ring that would look like Saturn's rings. The energy of God now gets through cleanly and clearly.

This description of people sticking around the Earth longer than they're supposed to is a common observation with others who have had psychic experiences. George Ritchie describes people who are stuck here because they refuse to look up and see God and the angels trying to raise them higher. All they do is look down and keep their base thinking, and the worries of their life: what does this person think of me, this job has to get done, there's a lot of money to be made... you know, the kind of worries we all have that basically relate to the future.

The teachings for the New Church give us a similar message and warning about worrying about the future:

Those who have worried much about the future, and more so those who have as a consequence become grasping and avaricious, appear in the region where the stomach is situated. Many have appeared to me there. The sphere of their life may be likened to a nauseating smell emitted from the stomach and also to an ache caused by indigestion. People like these remain in that region for a long time, for worries about the future, when these are compounded by the way such people act, seriously impair and slow down the inflow of spiritual life. This is because these people assign to themselves that which is the business of Divine Providence, and those who do this put a stop to that inflow and so cut themselves off from the life of goodness and truth. (Arcana Coelestia 5177)

Do you see the similarities between this and Monroe's ideas? “People like these remain in that region for a long time,” and that seems to be what Monroe sees too. But more importantly is the line stating that worrying about the future compounded by the way they act “seriously impair[s] and slow[s] down the inflow of spiritual life.” This feels like it is exactly what Monroe is talking about. Our worrying over the future is interfering with the Lord's love and wisdom reaching us. Because we are trying to do the work of Divine Providence we are cutting ourselves off from the life of goodness and truth.

Think about all the debates that rage over the environment, wars, money, politics... they all disappear when we make the choice to stop worrying about the future, when we stop chasing the fountain of physical youth. As we stop focusing on the troubles of our life, we are able to lift our thoughts and actually receive God's love and wisdom in a purer way. We'll regain the ability to see the spiritual realm while still here and people will no longer have to hope or believe in the next life, they will know! It will take some time for us to get there, but in the grand scheme of things another 1000 years or so really isn't that long. Unfortunately you and I won't get to see it... well, unless of course you become a cyborg that is.

Todd Beiswenger

Todd is currently serving as Pastor to the Hurstville New Church, in Sydney Australia. The emphasis of his ministry has been promoting practical teachings for everyday living that combine compassion with personal responsibility to help people be at peace within their own head.