Journey: Walking with the Lord in Song (Mixed Media)
Friday, April 24, 2015
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This week we have a song by Nora about journeying through life with the Lord. She shares here about the inspiration for the song and some of the reasons that music is important in her life, and we have a link to her song. -Editor.

While working as a music therapist in a hospice setting, my patients would often ask me why I wanted them to sing with me. They would self-deprecate with a variety of judgments and perceptions about their singing abilities. In reply, I would tell them the truth; that I've tried singing alone and with others, and that nothing brings me more joy than to share music making. As I wrote the song “Journey,” (linked below) I explored the concept of walking through life with the Lord, not on my own, and not letting Him do all the singing.

I think the question, "Why would you want me to sing with you?" is just another version of a question I ask the Lord all the time: "Why would you want me to journey with You?" And I think the answer is the same: because nothing brings more joy than for us to journey together.

Listen to Nora's original song "Journey" here:

Nora Woofenden

Nora is a recently certified music therapist returning to the West Coast to help adults with developmental delays express their musical creativity. When she’s not using music to smooth the transition from this life to the next in her hospice work, she enjoys using music to smooth her own transitions from one moment to the next.

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