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Editor's Box| Fund the New Church Perspective Cause!

New Church Perspective just installed a secure donate button through paypal which allows our readers to support the project with funds! (You can use a credit/debit card if you don't already have a paypal account).

New Church Perspective does not cost that much to run as it is all volunteer efforts. But we do have costs for maintaining the site and domain. One year we covered these costs by contributions from the editors. Another year we received a single larger donation from a supporter. Going into the future, we'd like to ask users to support the project with amounts that seem appropriate and manageable. Our goal remains to be self-sustaining, and that includes not over-taxing our financial supporters. So please give, but stop well before it hurts.

We will make a new request each year. We recommend $10/year which is about 6 cents for each entry we publish. (Less or more are both also fine). If we happen to exceed our current expenses we have other opportunities to pursue.

This remains a free publication, so feel no guilt in continuing to read without supporting the project.

Remember that there are also plenty of other ways to support the project. The easiest way is to link friends to the entries you enjoy.

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    Editor's Box| Fund the New Church Perspective Cause! - essays - New Church Perspective
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