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Editor's Box | Happy Birthday to New Church Perspective!

Some of you may know that New Church Perspective is coming up on its first birthday. Thanks to 52 different essays which people have offered from their reading and reflections, we have provided a great source of regular thought-provocation for the small world of the people interested in Swedenborg's theological writings.

I'm writing to you now to invite you to commit to writing one (or more essays) in 2011. Writing is not always easy, but I believe it is always a valuable process. There is a value to the type of thought-leadership which trained priests can offer to spiritual communities. But there is also tremendous value in the musings, questions, conclusions, research and reflections which people from all walks of life come to in their efforts to understand God and live a heavenly life.

I would be thrilled if you'd give some thought to the following options and contact us if you are willing to commit in one of the following ways.

a) I will commit to writing an article on a topic and length of my choosing and you may send me reminder emails starting a month before it is due. (Even very short articles are welcome).

b) I am willing to write 1 (or more) lead article(s) which might be a slightly more substantial in length, will include at least one quotation (from the Writings or sacred scripture) and will be on a topic which aims to be current and evoke responses. I will be given 1 month's warning before it is due.

c) I am willing to commit to writing 1 (or more) response article(s) which will be shorter in length and in response to a lead article offered by another author. (Each lead article will receive several response articles). I will see the lead article a month (or more) before my response is due.

d) (Some combination of a, b and c)

We only have three guidelines: be respectful of sacred scripture and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, address spirituality/religion in some way and avoid commenting on individuals and current, specific decisions in the denominational organizations of the New Church.

Even if writing is not for you at this point, please share this invitation with anyone who you think may be interested by the opportunity. We are not looking for orthodoxy so much as we are looking for the heartfelt.

Thank you,

The Eds

Reader Comments (1)

Please do write for NCPerspective. But if that isn't enough, consider offering a book proposal for the competition being offered by the General Church and Swedenborg Foundation.

December 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian
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