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Editor's Box | The Launch of New Church Perspective

It's true! We recently launched the much anticipated* New Church Perspective online magazine! (There's some foul name for online magazines, like e-zine?) 

However, contrary to the title of this post, perspective on the New Church and New Church perspective on life has already been around for hundreds of years. We aren't launching the concept. But, our hope is that New Church Perspective does offer a new venue for exploring and sharing the effort to navigate the world coming from the unique insights and guidance offered in the New Church. 

As more essays are posted we will discover together what this platform can offer - how broadly it will be used. One of my goals is to offer an "organization free" opportunity for people, especially of younger generations, to positively connect New Church concepts with the experience of life. 

We encourage involvement. New Church Perspective aims to be a level playing field where respectfulness is one of the few rules.

Perhaps you can begin by subscribing to receive email reminders when the site is updated. This will allow you to stay in the conversation and think over the topics authors present. As you have responses and feedback, please add them in the comment lines and turn a single perspective into a community conversation. Finally, I strongly encourage that you stay open to writing an essay. Whether or not you consider yourself a writer you very likely have perspective which can enrich other people. 

I greatly appreciate the material already submitted and the year's worth of essay commitments we've received from people who were willing to forge the way even before New Church Perspective was anything more than a concept. 

Finally, I'd like to thank the team of editors who continue to improve the look, feel and quality of this project. 

* I don't know how many people were anticipating this launch, but we (the editors) at least "much anticipated" it so I figure the statement is fair.

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